Finally, the Nairaland WordPress Theme for Bloggers has been updated and released! Last time, after several demands from users requesting for Nairaland WordPress template, I released the version 1, which was a hit back then even though it wasn’t perfect.


[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-222039.jpg]

If you tried the version 1 then and you try the current version 2 now, you’ll see that the version 2 is x10 better  than the version 1. Lots of improvements, lots of features, compared to version 1 and many more to come!


1. Huge improvements on the overall design. 
2. Blog Stats and Recent Members list(no plugin)
3. SEO ready.
4. Supports 7 different colors which can be changed from the admin dashboard. 
5. AJAX login (no plugin)

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-221007.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-221016.jpg]

Note that this theme is designed for bloggers, not forumers. However, it can still be used to run mini a forum. 

Version 2.5 will produce even more features. 

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-221949.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-221955.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-222010.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-222115.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-14-221203.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20191014-221509-Chrome.jpg]




Nairaland 2.0

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