Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, November Version 2020 Shared

Paid Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, November Version 2020 Shared November 2020

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Paid Resource.
Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, December 2020 Version is here.. The November 2020 version has been updated.. If you haven’t yet downloaded it, see this thread..



Price: 6000.. Price is Negotiable.
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To purchase, PM me or click “purchase credit” on the menu.
The Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, November 2020 Version has been updated… Those who downloaded the November 2020 version will get the update for free..

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can check it out here … ( .. And you will get both of the November 2020 versions( the early one without the latest post under Trending posts and the latest one with the latest posts under Trending posts) .. You can then use whichever one you want.

Both are the same. The only difference is that Trending comes first before Latest Posts in this current version and latest posts are under Trending posts.. The choice is yours to make as both will be sent to you..

NOTE: Only those who purchase directly from me will get updates and support..